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Calibrating Machine

Ninesun Stone Machine Company is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of stone cutting machine, such as calibrating machine, stone grinding machine, stone chamfering machine, stone processing machine, marble processing machine, stone calibrating machine, granite grinding machine, gantry calibrating machine.

calibrating machine

The calibrating machine is of gantry type combined structure, and the imported advanced frequency converter is used to conduct step-less speed adjustment. The trolley is able to perform cutting automatically. All the operations of the calibrating machine are executed either by the operator manually or by the program automatically. Also, we have another kind large-scale stone grinding machine adopts a single-column to support single-armed overhung structure. The cutting plate lifting stroke is up to 665mm, and the horizontal stroke is up to 400mm.

Diameter of calibrating head mm 450
Working thickness mm 8-120
Working length mm 3000
Working width mm 300-820
Water consumption m3/h 4
Main motor power KW 11


Calibrating machines are mainly applied for leveling the large or thick stone plate surface, and is special equipment for standardizing the thickness and smoothness of stone plates with various specifications. The stone chamfering machine is compact in structure, elegant in shape, stable in performance and high in machining precision which cutting table is driven by hand power and the grinding head can rise and fall flexibly. The head of the stone chamfering machine can perform 360 degree’s rotation, and it is equipped with a quick mounting system for clamping and grinding wheels as well as extension supporting rack. With frequency control, the calibrating machine can run steady and has less risks of damage.

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