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Single Blade Saw

This machine is used for refitting and cutting of marble block.

Single Blade Saw

Ninesun Stone Machine Company is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of stone cutting machine, such single blade gang saw, marble gang saw, diamond gang saw, granite gang saw, gang saw machine, gang saw segments, circular gang saw, gang rip saw, band saw, gang saw blade.

External Dimensions A B C D E F G H I
mm 7835 4800 1015 5930 890 3050 2100 100 3500
single blade saw


Unit MS4100
Length of blade mm 4100
Dimension for cutting width mm 2100
Dimension for cutting height mm 3500
Main motor/Auxiliary motor KW 30/4
Blade's travel mm 420
Circulating times r/min 160
Machine weight t 6
Car's dimension mm 3000×2400

Adopting the advanced oversea technology, this single blade gang saw is a marble gang saw and can be applicable for refitting and cutting of marble block with high efficiency. Diamond gang saw doesn’t make any noise during running and the underground screws' installation is not required. This single blade gang saw is consisted of a heavy and well balanced fly wheel, which is suitable for adjusting alternatives movements. The shaft of the fly wheel is made by special high endurance steel, mounted on proper pedestal boxes with antifriction bearings. The system ensures the gradual starting of flywheel with easy and smoothness. This large work piece, that is single blade gang saw, is incorporate on structure. It’s easy to transit and convenient to install and adjust, can be put directly on the ground, thus, the processing stability is increasing and the costs of machine maintenance can be saved greatly. The heavy diamond gang saw frame is designed to withstand tension load all stresses and vibrations possible during operation. The single blade gang saw is convenient and efficient in operation, helpful for environmental protection and energy saving, and beneficial to comfortable and safe operations.

single blade saw