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polishing machine for tile

This machine is special for granite tile automatic polishing, adopt resin millston, it provides high efficiency, automatic program, low labouring characters, can replace manual polishing machine, it’s the first choice of stone company.

polishing machine for slab

The No.of griding and polishing head can make to order by customer.

tile polishing machine


No. of heads   16
Useful working width mm 600~1250
Useful working thickness mm 10-50
Belt advancement speed mm/min 0~2500
Power of polishing head rpm 7.5
Total power KW 125.6
Water consumption m3/h 15
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 8600×2850×2450

This machine is made up of crossbearm, polish head, and guidance control orbit, which is used for polishing automated and supplies efficient service and the work intensity of workers is low. It can be equal to the import machine, which is the first choice in the market. Its electricai control system is controlled by Omron PLC, which uses large-size color Touch panel that can displays its operational status and sets all the parameters. The stablity of conveyor belt and crossbeams’ movement has been enhanced by using new deceleration drive. The unique pneumatic system can accurately control polishing pressure and placidly control the movements of polish head. Automaitc oil supply system is adopted in mechanical lubrication,which can lubricate reasonably various parts ot drives.

tile polishing machine
slab polishing machine