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multifuncational cutting and polishing machine

Ninesun Stone Machine Company is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of multifunctional cutting & polishing machine, stone polishing machine, stone cutting equipment, stone polisher, marble polishing machine, granite polishing machine, stone cutting machine, stone grinding machine, cutting stylobate, pyramid column, baluster, marble ball etc.


Max.cutting diameter mm 600-2500
Max.cutting height mm 1300

Worktable stroke

mm 2000
Blade diameter mm 600
Main motor power KW 11
Water consumption m3/h 6
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 7000×2500×4000
Approximate weight kg 8000

The stone polishing machine is a multifunctional cutting & polishing machine, which is used for cutting various revolution bodies including stylobate, column, pyramid column, baluster and ball, etc. It could also trim and polish column slabs automatically. The geometrical frame makes multifunctional cutting & polishing machine absence of vibration and considerable wear resistance. The optimized electrical system and dynamic system results in high working efficiency and low cost, when using this stone cutting equipment which track automatically according to the sectional view. Controlled by microcomputer, it has much lower waste and higher precise than the manual work. The multifunctional cutting & polishing machine works by automatic tracking according to the sectional view, and overcomes the problems such as high material consumption and low precision in manual processing. With frequency control, the multifunctional cutting & polishing machine features stable work, easy operation, high processing quality and high efficiency and has less risks of damage.

multifuncational cutting and polishing machine
polishing machine and cutting machine