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slab polishing machine

The stone polishing machine with 6 polished heads is a specializing polishing machine for slab. The crossbeam of both-end heads is hold by special secure stand. The high wave hardening treats the sliding surface. The friction proof plate for surface polishing is matched with roller bearing. The flooding system lubrication can reduce the friction force. Labyrinth dustproof and waterproof protection cover ensures bearings and slide way away from contamination. Driven by the inverter, the motor movement speed can be properly adjusted to enhance fro-and-to movement speed without vibration, so as to increase the production capacity. Adopting the latest manufacturing and processing technology, on the basic of the existing merits, the polishing machine for slab is made with thoroughly new design. With the features of intelligent control, convenient operation, high precision, high efficiency and stable performance, the stone grinding machine with 6 polished heads is your best choice to grind and polish high-value and large size slabs. The computer software enables good polishing effect on the stone and polishing surface and increases polishing capacity, analyzing the polishing dynamics of polishing machine for slab. All the key parts and assemblies are hardened and ground to prolong the service life with obvious effect of waterproof and shock-proof. The polishing machine is suitable for polishing granite slab, marble slab and stone slab.