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Ninesun Stone Machine Company can supply and export all kinds of stone processing machines, including flaming machine,stone turnover machine,restoring line,calibrating machine,etc.

We have a different range of products in this website for you to choose, with high performance, high accuracy and high power automated. The stone flaming machine is used to perform flaming treatment on slab surface with synthetic fuel gas (oxygen, acetylene). With frequency control, the treated surface is even and vivid. Stone turnover machine is used for turnover stone blocks. The stone turnover machine veers and turns the sides of blocks and semi-finished products when cutting the edge of block or big slabs. Easy and safe to operate, it can effectively decrease the risk of the materialís damaging. Restoring line is convenient and efficient in operation, helpful for environmental protection and energy saving, and beneficial to operate comfortably and safely. The features of solid structure, fast cutting, less power-consumption, high capability, stable performance and low failure rate are possessed by these stone cutting machine. Our rich experience in making restoring line, stone turnover machine, flaming machine, stone sander machine, marble edging equipment, stone breaker machine, granite CNC machine, cultured marble equipment, stone cutting machine, stone polishing machine, etc., allow us to develop them and reach their construction quality, technical features and use of selected materials.