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bridge multiblade block cutter

Bridge Multiblade Block Cutter is used for cutting granite and marble blocks in small size, and the combination of multi-blade with different dimension, which can increase the work efficiency. The machine adopts two-slider frame structure, which is driven synchronized by double screw with high stiffness and stability.


Unit QSQJ-2000 QSQJ-2500
Max.cutting length mm 3500 3000
Max.cutting width mm 2000 2000

Max.cutting height

mm 850 1100
Max.blade diameter mm 2000 2500
Max.No.of blades 6 6
Main motor power KW 37 37
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 7300×3800×6300 7300×3800×6300
Approximate weight kg 10000 11000

The bridge multi-blade block cutter adopts a large span bridge type and beam structure, and is good for cutting small granite and marble blocks with multiple blades round in shape. This granite block cutting tool can be used to cut granite with an optional blade. The combination of multi-blade, in disc block cutter, with different dimension increases the work efficiency. It adopts two-slider frame structure and is driven synchronized by double screw, with high stiffness and stability. Adopting the built-in dual-cylinder lifting mechanism and adjustable side plates, the bridge multi-blade block cutter has a great improvement on cutting precision and efficiency. With dual-axis spindle box, the granite block cutting tool can fulfill the cutting task in one time and dispense with the need for discharging the slabs when cutting blocks. Adopting teeth bar, the slab-partition drive mechanism of bridge multi-blade block cutter possesses higher precision with less clearance. With compact structure, convenient operation, automatic, low work intensity, and fast producing efficiency and high percent of regular product, the bridge multi-blade block cutter is preferred equipment for cutting large size blocks. With frequency control, the bridge multi-blade block cutter can run steadily and has less risks of damage.

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bridge multiblade block cutter