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bridge profile machine

Ninesun Stone Machine Company is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of stone cutting machine, such as profile shaping machine, profile cutting machine, cutting profile, roman column, column slab, water jet cutting machine, granite cutting machine, Italy cutting machine, marble cutting machine etc.


Max.cutting length mm 3000
Max.cutting width mm 1600
Max.cutting height mm 350
Blade diameter mm 350-600
Main motor power KW 15
Water consumption m3/h 4

The profile shaping machine is an automatic machine, using the photoelectric copy system, especially designed for carrying out architectural shapes such as profiles and edges, arc profile, roman column and column slab on granite and marble in large scale. The profile cutting machine is under the advanced PLC automatic control profile modeling system, frequency conversion technology, with oil-immersion type sealed guide rail, fully automatic control, computer automatic tracking and double-blade cutting. Thus, the cutting profile is easy to operate with good quality. The whole profile shaping machine is novel in design, elegant in shape, compact in structure, good in connection of the processed cutting profile, stable in performance and high efficiency in work. With operation buttons and programmer and liquid crystal display on, the switchboard on the profile shaping machine is mounted on the right hand side of the machine. The switchboard can make the operator control the machine easily from the sawing area when the stone is being positioned. Besides convenient and efficient operation, the profile shaping machine is also helpful for environmental protection and energy saving, and beneficial to operate comfortably and safely. Processing quality and high efficiency and has less risks of damage.