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slab polishing machine

Ninesun Stone machine company is slab polishing machine manufacturer and exporter from China. The slab polishing machine has a fixed base, which can polish the stone surface with high quality finishing and the production rates will be increased. The product proposes a marble or stone slab polishing machine to polish slabs made from stone and marble etc. Particularly, the existing machine is to polish the borders of slabs. The main feature of this machine is the presence of tools holding head pivoted round a fulcrum.


No.of heads 20
Useful working width mm 600-2000
Useful working thickness mm 15-50
Belt advancement speed mm/min 0-2500
spindle motor power KW 15
Total power KW 311.3
Water consumption m3/h 30
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 14200×3781×3148

Precisely, the machine according to this comprises a slab supporting part in which the slabs are fed on a horizontal band disposed in the front of the machine. The borders of the slabs are worked by polishing tools of heads arranged on a unit that is rotated angularly and is mounted on fulcrum supports.

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