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Automatic Edge Polisher

Ninesun Stone Machine Company is a specialized manufacturer of stone polishing equipment, including automatic edge polisher, edge polishing pad, edge grinding machine, diamond polishing pads, stone edge polishing, polished granite slab, linear edging machine, round edging machine, edge grinder etc.

automatic edge polisher

Adopting mono-block crossbeam automatic moving technology, equipped with the high quality imported electric components and high precision accessories, the automatic edge polisher has a great improvement on working precision and stability, and the work efficiency of it is high. Entering the guide precision and moving straight line, with standard sand-bringing, automatic computer control, and passing in and out the material automatically, the synchronous equivalent edge grinding machine can cut precisely and adjust omni-directionally. Milling and polishing of bevels and flat edges, with the use of alternate, zigzag and circular (edges) and other movements etc. The automatic edge polisher which is easy to operate makes measurement of the length of fabricated pieces automatically. Edge polishing pads of this edge grinding machine come in a range of grades to cater for all of your cutting and polishing needs. These pads are available in both the Durafoam formula which was developing specifically for the use with Random Orbital and Dual Action Polishers, and also soft foam for using on all polishers. For polishing straight and beveled edge by single or multiple head automatic edge polishing machines, the automatic edge polisher assures polishing of edges of marble and conglomerate slab with beveling with one pass of the heads. With the features of intelligent control, convenient operation, high precision, high efficiency and stable performance, the automatic edge polisher is your best choice to grind and polish various thickness and sizes edges, chamfers, flat sides, half bull-nose, full bull-nose and other profiles.

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