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Ninesun Stone Machine Company is a specialized exporter, focusing on various high quality stone polishing equipments, including the stone polishing machine, marble polishing machine, granite polishing machine, bridge single head polisher, waxing machine, automatic edge polisher, slab polishing machine, column polishing machine, manual polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, etc.

Stone polishing machine has a different range of types, functions, and specification like automatic polishing machine, polishing machine for slab, multifunctional cutting & polishing machine, bridge single head polisher, waxing machine, polishing machine for granite tile, polishing machine for column slab, manual polishing machine, polishing machine for slab with 6 heads, automatic edge polisher type in the website. The quantity of marble polishing machine and granite polishing machine are big enough for you to choose. With high performance, high precision and high power automated, these stone polishing machines are convenient and efficient in operation, helpful for environmental protection and energy saving, and beneficial to comfortable and safe operation. The features of solid structure, fast polishing, less power consumption, high capability, stable performance and low failure rate are possessed by this granite polishing machine. Ninesun company offers a variety of stone polishing machine for engineers and through the website, the stone polishing machine can be searched for the exact specification needed. Our rich experience in making stone polishing machine allows us to develop it and reach its construction quality; technical features and use of selected materials.